Mildred Gil Parada

Artist Statement

Organic and abstract forms recreated through curves, shapes, shadows, textures, and above all, the presence of the feminine; their sensuality, sexuality, brittleness and hardness at the same time.

The searching to connect the hardness of the stone with its inner beauty and femininity moves my work, constantly exploring techniques that allow me to achieve a whole harmonic able to extract people emotions and moods using all the senses, vision, touch, hearing and taste. The medium of expression is natural stone, an ancient natural material with qualities so different: strong, yet fragile and vulnerable.

Stone appears strong and sturdy; however, it is surprisingly fragile and brittle when it is worked. At the same time, stone is unpredictable; has a way of its own and will not allow the sculptor to impose her will upon it entirely. In some places faults are revealed that provokes the stone to fall away unexpectedly, in some places it is harder than others, or a buried vein of color is revealed; this is both the joy and challenge of working on this medium.